What is TMJ Disorder?

TMJ stands for Temporo-mandibular joint disorder is a condition where pain is felt in the jaw. Sometimes it is called TMD. It is typically associated with clenching of the jaw muscles, and sometimes produces a clicking or popping sound when the jaw is opened and closed. TMJ often reduces the range of motion for the jaw, and it can be painful to open your mouth.

Dr. Ann Ullah, DDS has over 20 years experience successfully treating TMJ and offers effective treatments that give patients relief from discomfort.

TMJ pain stems from the muscles that control jaw function. They become tense and clench, when the jaw should otherwise be relaxed. The condition is often triggered by stress, so our goal is to get the jaw muscles to return to a relaxed state.

We approach TMJ relief

with a two-step process…

Trigger Point Injections

We identify the muscles that control the clenching of the jaw muscles and administer a 1% Lidocaine injection to the site. If the pain is relieved, this indicates that the cause of pain is indeed muscular in nature.

Botox Injections

We then administer Botox Injections to various sites in the jaw muscles. These injections cause the muscles to relax. Patients often experience permanent relief from pain after receiving Botox injections. The procedure is both safe, and effective.

If you are suffering from TMJ, we invite you to receive treatments from Dr. Ann Ullah, DDS. She and her caring staff provide the highest level of patient care and have years of experience helping patients to overcome pain from TMJ.

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