Grinding of teeth is a condition that may occur subconsciously during the day, and often occurs at night while sleeping. Teeth grinding is detrimental to the health of your teeth, and can also cause jaw pain.

Get Teeth Grinding treated by Dr. Ann Ullah, DDS to preserve your proper bite and the overall health of your teeth. Without treatment the teeth literally become ground down and can eventually expose the soft inner parts of your teeth. This can lead to infection and the need for serious remedies.

We have successfully treated patients who suffer from Teeth Grinding for over 20 years with excellent results.

The issue stems from muscles in the jaw that are clenched and reluctant to relax. To correct this condition, we utilize a two-step process to induce relaxation in the jaw muscles that control clenching and get the muscles to return to a relaxed state.

Trigger Point Injections

We identify the muscles that control the clenching of the jaw muscles and administer a 1% Lidocaine injection to the site. If the pain is relieved, this indicates that the cause of pain is indeed muscular in nature.

Botox Injections

We then administer Botox Injections to various sites in the jaw muscles. These injections cause the muscles to relax. Patients often experience permanent relief from pain after receiving Botox injections. The procedure is both safe, and effective.

If you are suffering from Grinding of Teeth, we invite you to receive treatments from Dr. Ann Ullah, DDS. She and her caring staff provide the highest level of patient care and have years of experience helping patients to overcome pain from Teeth Grinding.

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