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We strive to make it easy and convenient for you to make an appointment to receive your desired dental services. Let us know what you are interested in. Perhaps it is simply a cleaning and checkup. Maybe you are experiencing tooth pain or notice decay that you’d like to address. Or are you interested in enhancing your smile and exploring options with Cosmetic Dentistry?

Whatever your interest is, let us know the specifics of your desired treatment, and we’ll make the process of getting an appointment fast and efficient.

There are three easy options for an appointment. You can call us to discuss your desires and set an appointment. You can go to our Live Scheduling Link and choose an open timeslot that works for you. Or you can fill out the easy email form below and we can send you back a confirmation for an available time slot.

Whichever method you choose, we look forward to serving you with the best dental care available in Cumming, GA and throughout North Georgia.