What are Tooth Fillings?

Tooth fillings are vital in improving your oral health. From time to time it is not uncommon to get a cavity from tooth decay. As always, it is best to address decay early while it is only a minor issue.

Dr. Ann Ullah, DDS is a highly experienced custom dentist who treats the entire family. While our office is located in Cumming, GA, our patients often drive from surrounding communities to receive a level of care not found elsewhere.

How do you know if you have a cavity?

Typically, a person notices sensitivity in their teeth, whether from hot or cold food, from sugary sweets, or while brushing and flossing.

An advanced cavity will actually cause bad breath, especially in the morning. Or you may shine a light in your mouth and see a decayed tooth.

If you are experiencing any of these signs or symptoms, schedule a checkup and a cleaning right away. Dr. Ann’s staff will make a close examination of your teeth, and give recommendations that fit your budget.

No Insurance, No Problem! Spread out your payments by using a credit card, or better yet, enroll with our finance company, Care Credit for 6-18 month terms at 0% interest. Fill out the quick application, and get approval in three minutes.

Most cavities can be addressed with a simple filling. The decayed material is removed, and then the remaining hole is carefully filled with a composite material that is white in color to match your teeth. The filling provides a long-term, durable repair to the tooth.

We make getting cavities filled a pain-free experience. First, we use a topical medicine that initially numbs the area, then we administer a shot that fully numbs the area of work, so you feel nothing.

Furthermore, we utilize laughing gas, which enhances your relaxation and keeps you comfortable for the duration of the procedure.

We understand that every patient has a different level of anxiety when visiting the dentist, so upon request, we can give you a mild sedative upon arrival at the office which further relaxes you in order to be comfortable.

We strive to make you feel welcomed and comfortable when receiving treatments at our boutique dental office. Our staff is specially trained to treat all of our patients in the most gentle way possible, and to keep them free from pain.

After all, we want your experience at our dental clinic to be memorable and positive. It feels good to know that your precious smile and bite are in healthy condition.

We invite you to become a regular patient at our beautiful clinic, and discover why so many other patients drive from miles around to receive superior care from Dr. Ann Ullah, DDS at Cumming’s Family Dentist.