Deep Teeth Cleaning prevents Infection

Oral prophylaxis is the process of deep cleaning your teeth and under the gum line to make sure that plaque and tartar are removed.

Plaque and tartar naturally build up on the teeth over time. When it builds up excessively along the gums, it causes the gums to recede, and bacteria growth can become rampant. This condition causes bad breath, swollen gums, or bleeding gums.

Advanced cases of this are Gingivitis as infection occurs in the gums, leading to gum disease. This is why oral prophylaxis or deep periodontal cleaning is vital.

What is a Deep Teeth Cleaning?

When you experience sore, swollen, or bleeding gums, let that be a signal that you should schedule a checkup soon. You don’t want to let these conditions advance and turn into an infection.

In a deep teeth cleaning, we peel back the gums and clean below the gum line in order to remove plaque, tartar, and bacteria that has accumulated on the lower reaches of the teeth.

By receiving this cleaning, you can restore oral health and get on track to maintain your teeth.

What is Scaling Root Planing?

SRP is an advanced deep cleaning treatment. Heavy scale is removed from below the gum line and leaves a smooth clean surface to reinvigorate health to the gums and teeth. This is the procedure to promote recovery from gum disease.

No Insurance? No Problem!

We strive to make dental treatments affordable. To help spread out the cost for advanced treatments, we work with a finance company called Care Credit. This plan enables you to stretch out payments for 6-18 months, and best of all at 0% interest. If this finance option sounds helpful to you, check out below.

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