Quick Response Emergency Dentistry 

We’re here to serve you in case of a dental emergency. In your time of need, we are quick to respond and take action to give you the care and relief you need. Dr. Ann Ullah DDS is highly experienced in all facets of emergency dentistry including treatment of trauma to the gums.

Dental Emergencies at a Glance:

  • Accidents and Trauma to the teeth
  • Sports Injuries to the teeth
  • Fast onset of Acute Tooth Pain

Dental emergencies come in many forms, and by their nature, they are unexpected. Trauma from accidents and sports injuries can break off teeth or knock them out completely. Steps must be taken to quickly relieve pain and to minimize chance of infection.

An unexpected severe toothache can cause debilitating pain. We are here to help.

Dr. Ann and her staff can provide comfort and relief in emergency situations. We recommend that you call us, so we can arrange our schedule to respond as quickly as possible.