Cosmetic Dentistry Success Stories

Cosmetic Dentistry Solutions

I’ve been using Dr. Ann Ullah for many years for dental work, and so does my entire family. When visiting the Cumming’s Family Dentist office for a regular checkup, I first learned about cosmetic dentistry. While the teeth in my smile weren’t terrible, my smile wasn’t something I was particularly proud of. After consulting with Dr. Ann on cosmetic dentistry options, I decided to do a partial mouth restoration and underwent the procedure to get porcelain veneers placed on my upper front six teeth. I also had my front lower teeth treated to line up evenly. Upon leaving the dental office, both the change in my physical appearance and my self-confidence was instantly gratifying. I found myself smiling freely, and I honestly felt better about myself than ever. I even had random people at the gas station comment like, “Wow, you have an amazing smile!” I also experienced profound changes in both business and my personal life. The boost in confidence was the edge I needed to push me over the top to succeed. All I can say is for anyone considering whether Cosmetic Dentistry is worth it, I can attest it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Furthermore, Dr. Ann is an amazing specialist and I highly recommend her cosmetic dentistry skills, and I appreciate the amazing level of care that I receive from the entire office staff. Dane Michael, Gainesville, GA